M/V AL345 is a High Speed Rescue boat with accommodation for 12 personnel in 5 cabins and a top speed of 36 knots. A high speed vessel capable of performing in a range of high risk or challenging environments with optimum safety. Practical, fast and well maintained, the AL345’s hull is made from sturdy Orthophthlic polyester.

DE421 PUCCIO is a 24m logistics and supply vessel recently refitted to modern standards with extensive accommodation and storage facilities.  Puccio has long range and high endurance...

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Logistic Service

There is a huge demand for high quality and well trained personnel to manage and operate the technologically sophisticated ships of today. The importance of education and training can never be overestimated. At the same time modern technology can never replace good seamanship, but it can always improve it. Therefore, training is one of the most important factors for safe, efficient, economical and environment friendly ship operation.

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The search for Oil and Gas drives the industry into deeper waters and harsher environments, increasing the need for specialised knowledge to promote safety and secure profitability. The rapid development of the industry, not the least in the advanced technical field is pushing a high demand on skills and competences for the workforce.

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